I am deeply honored to have been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by penchantress. Thank you, penchantress! You made my day!

Please go check our her blog here .

She is definitely an enchantress with a pen. I am sure she will cast her spell on you through her writing and sketching 🙂


  1. Thank blogger(s) who nominated you for the blog post and link back to their blog.
  2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger asked you.
  3. Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.
  4. List the rules and display the Sunshine Blogger Award logo in your post and/or on your blog.


Answers to PENCHANTRESS’s Questions

   1.What is your Native language?(I’m really curious about this one!)

Its Kannada . I am a south-indian 🙂

  2.In what profession are you? If you are a student then, what is your field of         study?

I am a software engineer .

 3.Who is your favorite author and why?

My favorite author keeps changing with time. My recent favorite one is Khaled Hosseini

4. What inspired you to start blogging?

I just wanted to open up and pour out all the thoughts without getting afraid of       getting patronized or judged. Coz when in person i would see people’s        expressions but here i dont ..bwahaha

5.Do you publicize your Blog or Just use it as your personal space?

Not as of now. It is very much my personal space. That’s the reason i haven’t told      any of my people about my blog

6.Do you really read the blogs of the Bloggers you follow?

Yes! Very religiously. Because there is absolutely brilliant content spread across various blog posts here. I never want to miss it.

7.What other hobbies do you indulge in?

Every year i make it a habit to indulge in a new hobby so that life doesn’t become too mundane for me. So for this year it is urban farming and learning a new language. I haven’t come a long way with the language learning. But i have grown peas, green gram, tomatoes and garlic at home as of now 🙂

8.Do you stand up for what’s right all the time even if it invites a lot of debate Or do you just go with the flow and try to stay safe?

It depends on the situation. Its 50-50 . 50% of the time i have stood up for what is right (Ex : In India when you are travelling in a  public transport, if you come out of it with your dress still as ironed and pressed as how it was then it is a miracle 😀 . So there was an instance where a middle aged man was groping some girl . She raised her voice and he became quiet. After some time  he did the same with her and it happened to be in my sight . I started screaming at him for his behavior. The entire bus came to silence including that girl and it looked as if the fight was only between me and him . So i stand up for what i feel is in my control and will not keep hush like the other passengers there thinking that its none of my business

Now there is an another instance where one guy was cornered by 6 guys and was getting thrashings. and there was this huge group of people standing there and doing absolutely nothing. I really really wanted to go and stop that fight . But i knew if i had gone then it would have been 1 boy and 1 girl getting cornered and thrashed by 6 guys 😛 . So if i find i am physically strong enough to stop the fight i would do it.

Now coming to debates. I do give my opinions on a topic and when i listen to others’ opinion i mean i literallyyyy listen to them and i get influenced by their opinions and will start thinking “Oh ya!! this could also be right !!” . So i am not that good at that and i am working on it and this is one of the reasons i started this blog . Trust me my bandwidth of voicing out opinions has increased to a greater extent 🙂

9.Who is the biggest inspiration in your life?

I admire a lot of people. But frankly speaking it has ended in “admiration” and not moved forward for ” inspiration”

10.Tell us one incident when you laughed your heart out while people thought you had gone mad.

Ok !! A friend of mine was telling me an incident that had happened with her friend.

This girl had gone to one of her relative’s house . She could not control her bowel movements after lunch and went to do potty (Ya thats right ! Its a poop story. Please go to the next question if you are having food while reading this ! Disclaimer Alert !!) . She did potty.But the flush was not working . She has all her relatives outside. Now she cannot wait for long as her family is ready to leave nor can she tell them . She took a lot of water in a bucket and poured it in the commode. But for her misfortune Mr.Poop was not ready to leave his place and go down the drain. so what she did next is she took a empty mug, took Mr.Poopbody from the commode in it and threw it outside the window. Now it should have stopped here. But it did not. Mr.Poopbody wanted a seat. So he flew and fell exactly on cycle seat.(Trust me i am not making this up) . Some guy came .I do not know why he was not able to make out the different between poop and anything in the world. He just took it in his bare hands and threw it. I did not know for whom i was laughing . The girl or the guy with cycle ..

Please don’t unfollow me for this disgusting story 😛

11.Say, you’ve been through a really bad time, how crazy could you get to pick yourself up?

Sometimes i am a switch. It is just on and off. I can pick all of my pieces in less time. But some other times i am a person whom i myself cannot tolerate.Oh god!!! i go cribbing and cribbing and cribbing for months together for no reason. Trust me.,. For some petty reason i can act as if i have entire world’s burden on me , i am the most unluckiest one and all those bullshit. ! But when something major happens i will have a straight face, all the patience and wisdom in the world and go around counselling other people who is sympathetic towards me .. 😀 😀

Nominate 11 new blogs to receive the award and write them 11 new questions.

Oh !! This is the toughest part. There are some amazing bloggers whom i follow , it  feels so difficult to pick only few.

My Questions:

  1. What inspires you to blog?
  2. If you could buy anything right now, what would it be?
  3. You meet a genie and are given 3 wishes. What would you wish for?
  4. What is your dream job? Pretend that money isn’t a factor
  5. What are you most afraid of?
  6. If you could change the world, what would you do?
  7. What is your favorite food? (Feel free to share a recipe.)
  8. What’s your favorite thing to do when you’re not blogging?
  9. Which book has been the most influential on you and why?
  10. What is one thing that makes you happy and brings sunshine into your life?

A bitch ? or A happy girl?

If you read the “about me” page you will understand what i am(used to be) .

In my engineering days , when i really started growing up and understanding people, i used to be a very innocent person, a cry-baby ,  a person who would get easily offended not knowing the difference between “teasing” and “offending” .

When people used to link me up with boys and tease i would think that probably they find me character less.

When people used to tease me about my figure ,  i used to think that probably there is something wrong with my body or i appear overweight

When people used to pull my leg based on anything , i used to think that they really mean it and are telling it on my face. And i used to get deeply hurt and not be a keeper and reply back.

When guys used to come and propose me and if i talk to that guy normally(after rejecting) , people would think i was a slut

Despite of all i always had a smiling face, used to be very understanding, not answering back to anybody , bottling up all the things inside me .

Now this was till i got graduated. Once i came out and started working i automatically got that “matured girl” feeling and told myself  that “You are a grown up now . Earning your own bread and butter! you know what you are and do not have to worry about anything what people have to say about you “.

Though all the above things people spoke about me continued , i never let it reach my ears. I used to be a happy-go person. I made lottttt of friends . I used to think that “Wow!!! i have grown emotionally so well!! no negative thing affects me in this world” .  But the truth was no one used to come and tell it to me on my face and it all was in holes and corners.

So this was until i saw the real world of how mean people could be. When i saw how people can be judgmental and mean and how low people can go in defaming a person ; i retracted from myself. i went behind the mask . I  started fighting with my inner self between expressing and non-expressing. If i express i will come out as a rude, immature girl. If i do not express i keep everything inside and torture me. Letting it out or ignoring was not an option at that time. This affected me to an extent where it felt like i was pushed to the rock bottom only to bounce back with greater force ..

Honey, I will tell you . It will be a lie if i say that i have grown up a lot that no negative comment affects me in life . But i definitely have changed , made peace with a lot of things. Have accepted the fact that people’s job is to comment or dig any negative image from what you project. That’s okay.. It affects me a teeny-tiny way somewhere , but not to make me feel offended or cry or feel bad. Because i know that i am a good person. I never judge any body nor pass any negative comment , because i am not interested. It doesn’t matter to me how people lead their lives. It doesn’t matter to me who is dating whom or who sleeps with whom !! Everyone has a different way of finding happiness in life. Good and bad are all relative in life. Something that is good to me might be bad to you  and vice versa. So who am i to comment on your life proceedings!!

People still come and continue to do all of the above said or even meaner , but i be a keeper ,shun all of them , give them a piece of my mind and forget and forgive them even before they seek 😛 I do not want to have anything negative about anybody in my mind or heart. Because life for me is too short and world is too vast , to take unnecessary interest in people’s life or get hurt for something which one or a group of people told about me out of 7,600,000,000 people in this world. And my voice is too big to limit it to just bitching or passing negative comments or judge anybody. 

Don’t Give a damn about anybody’s negative opinion about you because every one has skeletons  in their closet. Just someone’s is buried deeper than the others. 


Inspiration to this post : My colleague(A guy!!!! Really? **thinking** I wonder why a guy would do that . Scientifically a guy’s brain is not designed to bitch ..hmmm.. anyway!!! )  who thought i was a bitch and did spread all negative things about me..


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Daily prompt : Static

via Daily Prompt: Static

An empty street

Vehicles racing like fleet

Car panes rolled down

To get the glimpse of b-town

Vehicles roaring like bulls

Making their tanks full

All approaching airport

To play the car sport

Up they saw the landing airplane

down, the moving train

The airplane appeared static

It seemed lunatic

They realized  they were speeding up

Which made the plane to seem freeze up

They slowed down

Saw  the plane to be  gone

Now it was the time with train

Their speed would never refrain


Copyright (C) 2018 TiaSpeaks

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The Blogger Recognition Award

2018 is being too good to me ❤ The 1st week i got nominated for “Liebster Award” and the second week “Blogger recognition award”. I have been nominated by an incredible writer Megha  . Just have a  glance at her posts , that alone is enough to fall in love with her writing. She finds life in everything . The way she writes about sunset,beaches , dance , love ;makes you want to be a character in her poems !! Many a times when i read through her posts i have wondered “how could she express so beautifully ” . she has the perfect words for the right feeling . I totally admire her work . For me it is such a great deal to have gotten nominated by her . Megha thanks a ton for recognizing me and nominating me for this award . It encourages to explore a creator in me . : I bet , you are gonna instantly follow her

The reason I blog :

Well , i started this blog to fight my inner self. They say You are born with voice , let it be heard. But  i was not able to voice out my opinions in any kind of forum ,not because i was not confident enough; its because i used to over-reckon my thoughts .

To liberate myself i started this blog. To share my thoughts and opinions fearlessly. Writing gives me a sense of liberation . It disentangles my mind and gives me peace. Its not essential that i write some inspirational or intellectual ! If i just scribble down my thoughts on a piece of paper that would suffice to calm the tide inside me. I get answers to lot of my questions the moment i start writing it down.


Two tips for the new bloggers:

I myself am a tenderfoot in the blogging world. I count on tips from other bloggers .

These are the things which i do and have worked for me :

  1. I started this blog and saw there are millions of bloggers in front of whom i am a small pebble .I took backstage, stopped posting after my first 2 posts , thinking that i would read other bloggers’ posts first ,learn from them and then start posting. But i never did that. I hardly opened my blog then after.So i neither learnt from others posts not did i post. So i decided that its okay for my posts to look amateur . I am going to post whatever comes to my mind and whatever i find is rational. so never stop blogging if you feel you are small in this big blogging world. Blog ,blog ,blog because that is the only way for you to improve your writing and expand your horizons of creativity .
  2. If you read any post , and if you like it , then do not just pass without hitting a “like” or leaving a “comment” . Every like and comment matters to a blogger. It gives a sense of encouragement and inspiration to write and share more. At the end, its one community . We should support and encourage each other.


The Rules:

  1. Post the Rules!
  2. Use the Blogger Recognition Award Badge on your page.
  3. Tell us why you blog.
  4. Give us 2 tips for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate at least 4 other bloggers for this award and notify each of them of the nomination.

Here is my list of nominees.

Check out their amazing blogs !

Daily Prompt: Carve

via Daily Prompt: Carve

I thought I will be here rooted forever

With winds affecting me never

The wind just oscillated me

Yet I remained me

I saw generations in my existence

All in consistence

They came , played , and left

It all seemed perfect

Until one day they came with a hacksaw

Cut down my hands and legs while I saw

Helpless ,motionless

Stood static

With panic

I was in pain

Which was their gain

My hands and legs were scattered

For them it never mattered

They took bunch of my hands

Carved it into wooden chairs and fans

They Sat under me feeling sinless

While I stand here limbless

Copyright (C) 2018 TiaSpeaks

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Liebster Award 2018

My first online award

I’ve been seeing the Liebster Award and other award posts all over the blogging world for the past couple of months, but i thought it would be a long way for me to reach there here . I was so thrilled when i received notification from Rudra Makwana saying she nominated me for this award .It quite simply made my day . Thank you a ton for thinking of me . I feel so flattered .

So here it goes !!

I have been nominated by a marvelous blogger Rudra Makwana . My dear amazing bloggers, i am telling you , you don’t wanna miss her phenomenal writing :

My personal favorite :

Now, next is the list of questions by Rudra, which I will try my best to answer.

Here they are:

1. What inspires you as a writer?

I am basically a person who would not share out things in person. I have all my ears and heart when somebody comes to me with their problems. I genuinely listen to them with an intent to solve their problem , but when it comes to me sharing , its a big NO. I feel very vulnerable to share anything about me . So finally i realized that am stacking up a lot of things and it is going to explode one day. So i wanted a platform where i do not feel that i am judged for whatever i share. I wanted like minded people to open up. I wanted to voice out my opinions on anything and everything. That inspired me to write . Its a persistent urge to understand myself . I bring my strengths and weakness, opinions and judgement, fears and demons through writing.

2. What is the most fascinating thing about being a blog writer?

Knowledge! Empathy ! Romance ! Love ! Fantasy and many other emotions. I think only a blog writer can empathize all of these. We take ideas from our head and put them on a page . Doing this can be way difficult for some people. Lots of people would give  a lot to convey what they mean , to articulate their thoughts . That’s what is most fascinating about a blog writer

3. What’s the one thing that transformed your life?

There is no one thing but a mixture of lot of incidents in the previous year got a transformation. I decided to create my blog . I decided to get back to my dance and music (of course after a constant push from my husband ) and I finally realized what i really want in my life (I will tell you !! Its very very very hard to find this out. You always end up defining and re-defining yourself , let alone realizing )

4. What makes a good content? How do you know if a piece of writing is doing well?

For me good content is when i feel like I am a character in that article. If I feel like i have learn something from that. If that writing puts me right in the middle of the writer’s head feeling exactly what he/she felt.

5. What genre books you like and why ?

All these years i have just had my eyes on fiction and mythology.

  • Fiction , because it makes me sit on the edge , the dramatized way of narration , the vast imagination .
  • Mythology , because i am very curious to know what went in the heads of those people who told to the world about the gods,practices,traditions

6. What do you usually write about on your blog?

Just my thoughts ! My creative side is very petite right now. So i just write about my rational thoughts .

7. What should be the ideal length of the content?

Content really doesn’t matter to me. as long as it has quality i am more than happy with any quantity . Personally i like to read long articles. That shows how vast a blogger’s imagination goes

8. What is the one trait that makes you different from everyone?

Versatility . I am extremely versatile sometimes i get confused whether it is my boon or bane ! I can get adjusted to any kind of situation or any kind of people without getting offended or judging them . So i let people to have an upper hand in my life because i know that i am way bigger than my ego.By doing so i feel i am more matured than them .

9. What are some of the things that makes you confident ?

When the wings of my eyeliner are symmetrical. I feel even more confident when i am on a high heels ! 😉 hehe 😀  Sorry for that because this is a tough question for me..ummm!! I think i feel more confident when i am around people who loves me . Most of the times i am confident . Not that i have not had my insecurities . Its just that i can pull myself back on track in less time

10. What your posts are based on? Are they based on your emotions or they are trying to give a social message to a reader? Also share your favorite blog posts.

My posts are about my experiences and unsaid thoughts in my head . One day i want to be an inspirational writer because i know there are lot of people like me out there whose days are made just by reading something positive on web .So I am in the process of finding an inspiration within.

So that is it.  The rules are below .  I look forward to reading your posts.  I always enjoy finding out more about the bloggers who write them.For those who will be nominated next, the rules are written below.


1. Create a new post thanking the person who nominated you, link their blog. Include award graphic.
2. Answer the questions provided.
3. Make a new set of 10 questions for your nominees to answer.
4. Nominate 5-10 recently followed bloggers and share your post with them so they see it.Leave a comment on their blog about their nomination.

My questions are here. I hope you all enjoy.

1. What inspires you as a writer?

2. What is the most fascinating thing about being a blog writer?

3. What’s the one thing that transformed your life?

4. What makes a good content? How do you know if a piece of writing is doing well?

5. Tell me some 5 random facts about yourself

6. What do you usually write about on your blog?

7. What should be the ideal length of the content?

8. What is the one trait that makes you different from everyone?

9. What are some of the things that makes you confident ?

10 What your posts are based on? Are they based on your emotions or they are trying to give a social message to a reader? Also share your favorite blog posts.

11 What do you think of me? Haha 😀 

These are my nominees:

Their writing is remarkable ❤

Thank you all for your encouragement through likes and comments. It inspires me to share more 🙂


She called herself snow

via Daily Prompt: Winsome

There used to be a girl. A silent girl . A loud girl

There was positive aura all around her.But there were feelings of fear inside .

She used to emit rays of hope to people.yet she felt hopeless inside

At first people would  misinterpret her .she had a straight face of bitch

Little did they know that she was a compassionate being

She used to trust people very easily without fearing that people would run on her

She gave all her ears and heart when people came with a problem

She was a people-pleaser. Yet she was a society hater

She melted for people’s pain . She melted for people’s love .

She just melted to an extent that she is deformed

She wanted to be a sponge and fit into glass retaining her shape .

Instead she melted into water and lost her self

She is a pendulum in action , either everything or nothing .

She feared of being judged ,yet waited for people’s validation

She hesitated to voice out her opinions . She spoke people’s minds . She tried to fit into people’s minds .

She tried to talk what her people think . She tried to dress up the way her people would like

She tried to be versatile and embrace anything that is thrown at her

She would remain silent in situations of conflict ,not because she did not know how to defend or stand for what is right .

She did not want to be immature to compete with anybody or justify anything

She thought silence was her strength . She thought silence was considered a power . Later is when she realized tat silence is perceived as a sign of less knowledge , incompetence , weaklings .

She thought by her embracing something that was not hers , she would be respecting that entity .. instead it projected that she was shoddy

She was strong . Yet she was weak

She never confided in anybody. she felt vulnerable.she felt naked .

There used to be a girl .

A loud girl , a silent girl .

A winsome girl , a loathsome girl

She called herself snow


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Are all religions same?

I am a Hindu ,Muslim and Christian

My answer to a 567,6778 million dollar question !!

I have always been a a person who is very confused about religion,practices,culture,traditions and whatever is associated with it.

I demanded a logical explanation to follow something which has been followed for generations together. If something is not convincing , or if i am asked to do something because that’s how it had been all these days i get baffled  thinking why it is supposed to be that way!!I feel there is no hard and fast rules for anything in life! There is nothing called “definite process” for anything in life. Whatever task you do, you would execute it one way and me in another because we both are 2 different people, with 2 different brains and 2 different thought process. Our inclinations are different.Our upbringing is different Our style is different ! . Nothing is right and nothing is wrong ! i cannot impose anything on you nor can you on me because you are right in your own way and me in mine . ! Isn’t it the same case with religion? There are millions of people in this world . Each person’s belief is different

Doesn’t every religion preach the same ? It all preaches values, ethics, way of living ,morality,compassion , to be able to love another person,to be able to be kind towards any one. This is what every religion tells right? Probably the language in which it is said is different, the words used to convey is different , but it all speaks the language of love. It all conveys the same message

Christianity says”And as ye would that men should do to you, do ye also to them likewise.”

Jewish religion says “Hurt not others in ways that you yourself would find hurtful.

A Hindu purana proclaims: “That which is unfavorable to us, do not do that to others.”

Muhammad is said to have taught: “As you would have people do to you, do to them; and what you dislike to be done to you, don’t do to them.”

A Wiccan principle states: “An ye harm none, do what ye will.”

All these religions and many others proclaim the same thing”Do good! Be good “. All the religions lead us to the supreme power .When all the religions are on the same page , all the mahatmas or prophets or popes or great people or Gods or whoever is responsible for creation of all these religions on the same boat , why are we fighting over any religion ? why are we arguing about any religion ? why do we want our religion to have an upper-hand over the others? Why do we want others to convert into our religions?

I am a Hindu at heart, christian by soul ,Muslim by mind,  Buddhist by values, all other religions by practices. I am a proud human

For me humanity is my religion !Not thinking bad or not doing bad to one is my culture! Being a kind and loving person is my tradition . For You???What do you feel you beautiful people ? Let me know in the comments


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Nothing to Everything

Animal to man , zero to hero , nothing to everything

via Daily Prompt: Viable

The constant  question which keeps pondering in my mind is : How we ? Why we ?

I am a kind of a person who would believe in Big bang theory or evolution rather than  Mahabharatha (No offense ! i do believe in all gods. I am just making clear of my proclivities)  .

So i Kind of fail to see the proof of our creation with the facts that are given to me by this society .

Of course the first human was not created by magic. We evolved !! We evolved gradually taking our own sweet time of million, billion and trillions of years and became what we are now.

We have diverse languages across the globe. Every 1000 kms there is a different dialect . In India every 300 kms you can see the variations,let alone 1000 Kms . We imagined the sound in our head and tried the first word whichever was uttered . It was practiced and developed  consistently and finally that became a meaningful language .So imagine how a person who is living in next state/community/territory imagined his first word and formed it . Can you appreciate how much viable humans /WE were to form 6,909 distinct languages) !!!

Not to forget ,in this process of evolving many languages may have been forgotten or become obsolete , many communities or tribes may have gone extinct 

As how Neanderthals were our ancestors/ cousins, whatever you call; We are going to be the ancestors /cousins for that human species which would be alive 5 million years from now. we are going to evolve more.

We humans have such viability to imagine things which are beyond our horizons that we have made ourselves what we are today !! Somebody must have imagined how would it feel to sit in one place yet get to hear from someone else who stays in a distant land . Ta-da .. we got a phone

some one else must have thought;if we are able to talk to people in far away lands , we should be able to send them written messages … TA-DA.. We have alllllllll kinds of messengers now.

And then someone must have thought “Oh god!! i cannot wash these clothes and utensils anymore. Its taking the softness of my hands!!! ” ..Boommmm ..We have a washing machine  and dishwashers.

We imagined !! We created !! We invented !!

Legends,myths,gods and religions appeared for the first time with the cognitive revolution. With this cognitive revolution we have made ourselves from animal to a man ,from nothing to everything  !! We were And are viable enough to do all of these

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Daily Prompt: Pupper’s Treat

via Daily Prompt: Treat

He was a lonely pupper

Waiting for his human to appear

He wandered on lonely street

To make his ends meet

He had no love to give, no love to take

Having no one to forsake

He was a forager

Before he met his master

He saw his human approaching

When he saw the other puppers following

He caught the sight of his master

Waiting for his treat to appear !

He was a lonely pupper

Waiting for his treat to appear !!

Daily Prompt: Reservation

via Daily Prompt: Reservation

Him: hello ! I have reserved a table for dinner

Her: I am not sure if I can make it !

Him: try and let me know

He hangs down the phone . She stands by the phone contemplating the situation . She was amused every time . She did know how to say “no” . She had reservations about a lot of her thoughts . She did not want to settle for something which would cause her grave pain all her life . She decided to call him while he is making the ring ready . He had hand picked her ring with their first date engraved on it. He planned everything for the perfect evening . He wanted everything to go as planned

Her: hello!! I think I need to tell you something

Him : oh what happened !? will you not be able to come ?

Her: yes ! Forever

The alarm starts buzzing by waking him from his nap ! He was so late that he forgot what he dreamt of . He starts moving haphazardly in hurry . He calls the hotel to check if the table is arranged as how he had requested . While in call with the hotel he hears a beep . He checks his phone to know who was calling . It was her !! He keeps the hotel call on hold and picks her call .

Her: “hello!! I think I need to tell you something”

Daily Prompt: Conversation

via Daily Prompt: Conversation

While she was struggling with her messed up head trying to find answers , she just came across this person who looked exactly like her, who spoke exactly like her but had complete different thoughts.

This girl had a positive aura around her.

She continuously told her that she is much stronger than what she thought

She is much matured for her age. She is  much secured with her own beauty that no other’s beauty would intimidate her.

She is much complete with her knowledge that she would not actually need anyone else to complete her.

She told her that she doesn’t have to fit into whichever place she is in.

She doesn’t have to feel anything with people’s description or opinions of her. she is far beyond people’s judgement or opinions

She told her its fine to not believe in many things which generally the world believes in.

She told her that it is absolutely fine to question which doesn’t convince her.

Because she is different.

While she was having this conversation with the girl in the mirror , she finally got a smile on her face . She left the place and tried to catch a glimpse of that girl from the corner of her eye . She could catch her back and see her leave too.


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Daily Prompt: Happy new year

With the fresh new year beginning I Finally decided to get the hell out of my comfort zone and pop out of my bubble .

The main reason I started this blog was to let myself flow in this virtual world where I do not have to over think about people’s opinions or judgement . Yet I continued to be what I was , torturing myself to be an introvert , to not voice out my opinions.

2017 was not a very good year for me. I had a messed up mind complete year. I did’not know if i was complicating my own life or the situations were doing the job. I do not even know if there is some problem with me which needs to be addressed or if i am having symptoms of depression. At this very moment when i am typing this i am having second thoughts in my head. Nevertheless as i said i am going to pop out of my bubble and help myself.

I realized I lost a lot of time in this short life by thinking about what others would think . I might not be able to plunge at once to heights but I am going to keep baby steps towards my goals . If not running I am at-least crawling through this blog ..

By end of 2018 I am going to have at-least 300 posts .. best of luck to me .

Happy new year to you guys 😊

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Aliens of Earth

They say Sky is a limit and let your Imagination Flow. So abiding that quote i let my imagination flow outside the sky to some other planet and that is where i Landed.
Ideally for every request you send you either get a response or Page not found Error 😛 My imagination probably would have stalled if i had received 404 Error as a imaginary response to my imaginary request:P Unfortunately i got some response from a distant planet to my imaginary request and the response was “Request Accepted ,Validating and Processing!! Pls do not refresh the page until you get the response!!”
And now my imagination had got its feathers flocked up and all set to fly high and explore. So this is what my bird imagination flew on.

What if we are the aliens on Earth? What if Our home planet is something else. ? The first Man on Earth just came out of absolutely nothing or he came out of some matter or was he evolved out of Monkeys or apes or was he thrown out of some other planet? If the first man was thrown out then does it mean that we have ancestors on some other planet?Are our relatives from an anonymous planet have led a search-out for their lost cute little humans? Have we pushed the native beings of this planet Earth to extinction?

As the world believes the first people on earth were Adam and Eve!!! If the concept of Adam and Eve is true ; from where did they just appear all Grown up on Earth?? Who taught them the art of reproducing?Thinking about Adam and eve …Since we are all descended from the great Adam and Eve doesn’t it make us all cousins 😀 and how creepy it is when we cousins are getting married to each other 😀 😀

Or are we all the timeline remnants(Yes !! that is right .. I am a big time Barry Allen’s fan) who have ran back in time and living this life on Earth to change our timelines for a greater cause or for a greater extinction ?? There are many great doomsayers who have for-seen the future on this Earth and told the world changing events with the exact date and Just how?

How did we develop such cognitive skills to push us to the most top stair in the animal chart of THIS world. Is it because of the skills which we developed in our genes from some Other world!?

I definitely know that there are multiple theories of human’s creation on this world.. As already stated it is a “theory”.

beep …beep…beep…”You are offline. Please connect back to the network “. I was pushed back from my imaginary world to this present materialistic, mechanical ,mundane world thereby UN-flocking the spread wings of my Mr.Imagination bird .


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Here is a little introduction of myself .I am a girl in her late 20s who is definitely not a shy person ,but an introvert . It doesn’t mean i do not have confidence to talk out or i am scared to talk out. It is just for a reason that I am overly sensitive to people’s emotions .I keep people’s thoughts ahead of mine . when a person speaks out one sentence , I will have 10 combinations of answers for that and then I analyse which sentence would be less offensive , which sentence would be less hurtful .By the time my brain finishes processing all these I would have left behind in a conversation . i know the clear difference between having an opinion and being judgmental .so I try to voice out my opinions by not being judgmental and not being offensive … OK OK!!!!!I know this was one boring introduction 😝 well . all I wanted to convey is that at least in this forum , in my blog, I don’t have to overthink about anything . I can just get my voice heard .

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