My favourite month

Whenever I was asked what is my favorite month I used to say it’s “January” as it is my birthday month .

And now my choices have changed . I say it is “December “

Jan to April I crib about the scorching sun who seems to be extremely angry on me.. June to October i get tired of the sky crying all the time .. she becomes such a drama queen.. duhhhhh !!

Damp roads , damp clothes , damp you .. arrgghhh

Then enters the heroine at the end who just gives us the guest appearance and disappears making us crave for her much more… DECEMBER !!

She is so beautiful and colorful and full of life .

The colors bleed to the surroundings ,you just can’t help but fall in love with it . The same plants and trees which had full of leaves and flowers somehow fail to grab your attention for the rest 11 months of the year ., but when it is December I just get the hell out of my place to enjoy the colors of the dancing trees and plants .

The days are bright with cool breeze kissing your skin , making your hair flowy which makes you feel like you are in a Bollywood movie

The streets are brightly lit at night . Christmas stars hanging on all the doors .. beautifully decorated Christmas trees , snow flake trees , eggnogs, cakes , wines

My wish to Santa is let very month feel like December .A month where you see life around .

For me this is the season of Love . This is a month which makes me feel life is perfect , pure bliss at heart and oblivious of everything else

Lucky brats you December-born-ppz .. never mind .. I will make you feel more special by making your birthday month My favorite month – DECEMBER

December is an absolute treat to your eyes and soul 🙂

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