Daily Prompt: Conversation

via Daily Prompt: Conversation

While she was struggling with her messed up head trying to find answers , she just came across this person who looked exactly like her, who spoke exactly like her but had complete different thoughts.

This girl had a positive aura around her.

She continuously told her that she is much stronger than what she thought

She is much matured for her age. She is  much secured with her own beauty that no other’s beauty would intimidate her.

She is much complete with her knowledge that she would not actually need anyone else to complete her.

She told her that she doesn’t have to fit into whichever place she is in.

She doesn’t have to feel anything with people’s description or opinions of her. she is far beyond people’s judgement or opinions

She told her its fine to not believe in many things which generally the world believes in.

She told her that it is absolutely fine to question which doesn’t convince her.

Because she is different.

While she was having this conversation with the girl in the mirror , she finally got a smile on her face . She left the place and tried to catch a glimpse of that girl from the corner of her eye . She could catch her back and see her leave too.


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