Daily Prompt: Happy new year

With the fresh new year beginning I Finally decided to get the hell out of my comfort zone and pop out of my bubble .

The main reason I started this blog was to let myself flow in this virtual world where I do not have to over think about people’s opinions or judgement . Yet I continued to be what I was , torturing myself to be an introvert , to not voice out my opinions.

2017 was not a very good year for me. I had a messed up mind complete year. I did’not know if i was complicating my own life or the situations were doing the job. I do not even know if there is some problem with me which needs to be addressed or if i am having symptoms of depression. At this very moment when i am typing this i am having second thoughts in my head. Nevertheless as i said i am going to pop out of my bubble and help myself.

I realized I lost a lot of time in this short life by thinking about what others would think . I might not be able to plunge at once to heights but I am going to keep baby steps towards my goals . If not running I am at-least crawling through this blog ..

By end of 2018 I am going to have at-least 300 posts .. best of luck to me .

Happy new year to you guys 😊

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