Daily Prompt: Reservation

via Daily Prompt: Reservation

Him: hello ! I have reserved a table for dinner

Her: I am not sure if I can make it !

Him: try and let me know

He hangs down the phone . She stands by the phone contemplating the situation . She was amused every time . She did know how to say “no” . She had reservations about a lot of her thoughts . She did not want to settle for something which would cause her grave pain all her life . She decided to call him while he is making the ring ready . He had hand picked her ring with their first date engraved on it. He planned everything for the perfect evening . He wanted everything to go as planned

Her: hello!! I think I need to tell you something

Him : oh what happened !? will you not be able to come ?

Her: yes ! Forever

The alarm starts buzzing by waking him from his nap ! He was so late that he forgot what he dreamt of . He starts moving haphazardly in hurry . He calls the hotel to check if the table is arranged as how he had requested . While in call with the hotel he hears a beep . He checks his phone to know who was calling . It was her !! He keeps the hotel call on hold and picks her call .

Her: “hello!! I think I need to tell you something”


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