Nothing to Everything

Animal to man , zero to hero , nothing to everything


via Daily Prompt: Viable

The constant  question which keeps pondering in my mind is : How we ? Why we ?

I am a kind of a person who would believe in Big bang theory or evolution rather than  Mahabharatha (No offense ! i do believe in all gods. I am just making clear of my proclivities)  .

So i Kind of fail to see the proof of our creation with the facts that are given to me by this society .

Of course the first human was not created by magic. We evolved !! We evolved gradually taking our own sweet time of million, billion and trillions of years and became what we are now.

We have diverse languages across the globe. Every 1000 kms there is a different dialect . In India every 300 kms you can see the variations,let alone 1000 Kms . We imagined the sound in our head and tried the first word whichever was uttered . It was practiced and developed  consistently and finally that became a meaningful language .So imagine how a person who is living in next state/community/territory imagined his first word and formed it . Can you appreciate how much viable humans /WE were to form 6,909 distinct languages) !!!

Not to forget ,in this process of evolving many languages may have been forgotten or become obsolete , many communities or tribes may have gone extinct 

As how Neanderthals were our ancestors/ cousins, whatever you call; We are going to be the ancestors /cousins for that human species which would be alive 5 million years from now. we are going to evolve more.

We humans have such viability to imagine things which are beyond our horizons that we have made ourselves what we are today !! Somebody must have imagined how would it feel to sit in one place yet get to hear from someone else who stays in a distant land . Ta-da .. we got a phone

some one else must have thought;if we are able to talk to people in far away lands , we should be able to send them written messages … TA-DA.. We have alllllllll kinds of messengers now.

And then someone must have thought “Oh god!! i cannot wash these clothes and utensils anymore. Its taking the softness of my hands!!! ” ..Boommmm ..We have a washing machine  and dishwashers.

We imagined !! We created !! We invented !!

Legends,myths,gods and religions appeared for the first time with the cognitive revolution. With this cognitive revolution we have made ourselves from animal to a man ,from nothing to everything  !! We were viable enough to do all of these

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