She called herself snow


via Daily Prompt: Winsome

There used to be a girl. A silent girl . A loud girl

There was positive aura all around her.But there were feelings of fear inside .

She used to emit rays of hope to people.yet she felt hopeless inside

At first people would  misinterpret her .she had a straight face of bitch

Little did they know that she was a compassionate being

She used to trust people very easily without fearing that people would run on her

She gave all her ears and heart when people came with a problem

She was a people-pleaser. Yet she was a society hater

She melted for people’s pain . She melted for people’s love .

She just melted to an extent that she is deformed

She wanted to be a sponge and fit into glass retaining her shape .

Instead she melted into water and lost her self

She is a pendulum in action , either everything or nothing .

She feared of being judged ,yet waited for people’s validation

She hesitated to voice out her opinions . She spoke people’s minds . She tried to fit into people’s minds .

She tried to talk what her people think . She tried to dress up the way her people would like

She tried to be versatile and embrace anything that is thrown at her

She would remain silent in situations of conflict ,not because she did not know how to defend or stand for what is right .

She did not want to be immature to compete with anybody or justify anything

She thought silence was her strength . She thought silence was considered a power . Later is when she realized tat silence is perceived as a sign of less knowledge , incompetence , weaklings .

She thought by her embracing something that was not hers , she would be respecting that entity .. instead it projected that she was shoddy

She was strong . Yet she was weak

She never confided in anybody. she felt vulnerable.she felt naked .

There used to be a girl .

A loud girl , a silent girl .

A winsome girl , a loathsome girl

She called herself snow


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