The Blogger Recognition Award

2018 is being too good to me ❤ The 1st week i got nominated for “Liebster Award” and the second week “Blogger recognition award”. I have been nominated by an incredible writer Megha  . Just have a  glance at her posts , that alone is enough to fall in love with her writing. She finds life in everything . The way she writes about sunset,beaches , dance , love ;makes you want to be a character in her poems !! Many a times when i read through her posts i have wondered “how could she express so beautifully ” . she has the perfect words for the right feeling . I totally admire her work . For me it is such a great deal to have gotten nominated by her . Megha thanks a ton for recognizing me and nominating me for this award . It encourages to explore a creator in me . : I bet , you are gonna instantly follow her

The reason I blog :

Well , i started this blog to fight my inner self. They say You are born with voice , let it be heard. But  i was not able to voice out my opinions in any kind of forum ,not because i was not confident enough; its because i used to over-reckon my thoughts .

To liberate myself i started this blog. To share my thoughts and opinions fearlessly. Writing gives me a sense of liberation . It disentangles my mind and gives me peace. Its not essential that i write some inspirational or intellectual ! If i just scribble down my thoughts on a piece of paper that would suffice to calm the tide inside me. I get answers to lot of my questions the moment i start writing it down.


Two tips for the new bloggers:

I myself am a tenderfoot in the blogging world. I count on tips from other bloggers .

These are the things which i do and have worked for me :

  1. I started this blog and saw there are millions of bloggers in front of whom i am a small pebble .I took backstage, stopped posting after my first 2 posts , thinking that i would read other bloggers’ posts first ,learn from them and then start posting. But i never did that. I hardly opened my blog then after.So i neither learnt from others posts not did i post. So i decided that its okay for my posts to look amateur . I am going to post whatever comes to my mind and whatever i find is rational. so never stop blogging if you feel you are small in this big blogging world. Blog ,blog ,blog because that is the only way for you to improve your writing and expand your horizons of creativity .
  2. If you read any post , and if you like it , then do not just pass without hitting a “like” or leaving a “comment” . Every like and comment matters to a blogger. It gives a sense of encouragement and inspiration to write and share more. At the end, its one community . We should support and encourage each other.


The Rules:

  1. Post the Rules!
  2. Use the Blogger Recognition Award Badge on your page.
  3. Tell us why you blog.
  4. Give us 2 tips for new bloggers.
  5. Nominate at least 4 other bloggers for this award and notify each of them of the nomination.

Here is my list of nominees.

Check out their amazing blogs !


17 thoughts on “The Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thanks Tia for taking up the nomination and passing it on to the WordPress community. Also, thanks a ton for all the nice words you have said about me. You are really kind. I’m deeply humbled by the way you have explained the beauty in my posts. Lastly, I just want to say that never write to please anyone else write to please your heart and soul, that alone is enough to make you a good writer. Happy Blogging!

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